In 2023, the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and Siva will announce up to NOK 600 million for new three-year Green Platform projects starting in 2024. Applications for the main call for proposals must be based on at least one mandatory outline submitted by 8 March. Maritime CleanTech offers partners help with outlines and proposals.

– We are happy to offer our partners guidance on the mandatory outline and for the potential main proposal later, project manager at Maritime CleanTech, Silje Sivertsen, says.

Silje Sivertsen, Maritime CleanTech.

This year’s call for proposals is the third call from the Green Platform Initiative. As in 2022, there will be a requirement to submit an outline prior to the main call for proposals. Submission of an outline is mandatory and constitutes the first phase of the application process for this year’s Green Platform call.

Applications for the main call for proposals must be based on at least one outline submitted by the deadline of 8 March 2023, at 13:00. Applications for the main call that are not based on an outline submitted by the deadline, will be rejected. The outlines must be submitted through an online form.

The full text of the main call for proposals will be published on Wednesday 22 March 2023. The application portal opens for login and application creation, no later than 26 April 2023. The application deadline for the main call is Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at 23:59.

General guidelines

The Green Platform will help accelerate the green transition in the business sector in order to reach the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 on the road to a low-emission society in 2050. Projects are to ensure a socio-economically profitable and internationally competitive Norwegian business sector.

Projects may include a green restructuring of existing trade and industry or lay the foundation for the emergence of new sustainable trade and industry and new green value chains. It is both about changing existing production methods and processes through increased use of enabling technologies, improvement of current or development of new technology, processes, products, services or business models.

The purpose is to shift Norwegian business and industry towards zero emissions, with increased resource utilisation, maintenance of biodiversity and reduced negative environmental impact.

For more information, visit The Green Platform Initiative (