Eta Energi

Renewable energy solutions, consulting, energineering and project management.

Kluge advokatfirma

A Norwegian full service independent law firm.


Zero Emission Energy solutions to electric maritime, mobility and microgrid storage markets.


Design, engineer and manufacture products primarily to the offshore oil and gas sector.



Fjellstrand AS

A shipyard that develops and constructs technically advanced catamarans and ferries.

Storm Design

Develops, visualises and communicates concepts for maritime businesses.

Haugesund kommune

The municipality of Haugesund.

Misje Rederi

A ship owning group that operates 13 bulk vessels sailing between Norway and Europe.


Supplier of hydrogen energy solutions.

Haakonsvern orlogsstasjon

The Norwegian Navy headquarters in Bergen.

Port of Bergen

Norway’s second largest port, and is one of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe.


A research organization working for technology research and innovation.

LMG Marin

An independent naval architect and maritime engineering company.

Data Gumbo

A company delivering "blockchain as a service" to the energy industry.

Sparebanken Vest

A complete finance house and Norway's third largest savings bank.


The Norwegian School of Economics is a leading European business school.

Sustainable Energy Catapult Center


One of Norway´s largest ferry operator companies, managing 80 vessels.

Knutsen OAS Shipping

A fully integrated shipping company with advanced vessels.


Power and Automation solutions for the marine and offshore sector.

Apply Capnor

Expert company within laser scanning and engineering solutions.


One of the leading players in the global market for seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other speciality bulk liquids.


Supplier of different types of busbars, from fully insulated to metal enclosed.

Hellesøy Verft

A modern shipyard, focusing on quality workmanship and outfitting ships.


Dalseide Shipping Services

Service provider and supplier of maritime equipment.

Multi Solutions

Supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning products and services to the world-wide on- and offshore industry.

Hydro Extrusions

Aluminium solutions for extrusions, building systems and precision tubing.

Institutt for energiteknikk

An international energy and nuclear research foundation.


Provider of technical solutions, prototype- and product development, manufacturing and test services.


A leading energy company aiming to be the most carbon-efficient oil and gas producer.

Lloyd’s Register

A global marine classification, engineering and business services organisation.

Wärtsilä Ship Design

A global ship design company.


The technology transfer office in Bergen, supporting research and business development.

Uni Research Polytec

Applied research and support for maritime sector.


The administrative and supervisory maritime authority in Norway.


An engineering company delivering systems for engines and gas turbines.


An employer and interest organization for shipowners within short sea and Aqua shipping.


A world-leading cruise industry supplier of technologies for processing waste and purifying wastewater.

Teknisk Bureau

Service in several disciplines, including marine electrical and electro.

The Switch

Specialized power drives and future-proof electrical solutions for marine applications.


An international accredited registrar and classification society.

Grenland Energy

A company that develops battery systems for maritime and offshore applications.

Høgskulen på Vestlandet

The University of Applied Sciences in Western Norway.


Incubator for start-ups and business development.


Manufacturer of propeller systems for high-speed boats, ferries, OSVs and yachts.


Supplier of diesel-electric ship propulsion systems and permanent magnet electric machines.

Hordaland fylkeskommune

The County Council for Hordaland region.


Supplier of autonomous plastic harvesting machines.

Østensjø rederi

A shipping company providing accommodation, offshore and towage services worldwide.

Bremnes Seashore

One of Norway’s leading providers of farmed salmon that are in demand world-wide.

Solstad Offshore

A shipping company operating offshore vessels around the world.

Skoleskipet Gann

Industrial and maritime high school.


Supplier of subsea connector and distribution systems, umbilicals and flying leads.


IT&C company, providing the maritime sector with state of the art IT&C solutions and services.


Clean energy from renewable hydropower and transmission of electric power.


A leading company in renewable energy and future-oriented infrastructure in Norway.


Global provider of complete life-cycle marine, energy solutions and services.


Distributes engines, propulsion systems and generator sets for hybrid solutions.


Blueday Technologies

System Integrator for electrical, automation and utility systems.

Stord kommune

The municipality of Stord.


Supplier of electric propulsion systems to newbuilds and retrofits.

Step Solutions

Supplier of control systems to offshore, marine and onshore industries.

Corvus Energy

Provides energy storage solutions for marine, oil & gas and port applications.

North Sea Shipping

Owns, operates and provides services for advanced offshore vessels.

NorthSea Container Line

Provider of logistical services connecting Europe and Norway.

SinOceanic Shipping

A supplier of management services to ship owning companies with a fleet of 15 container vessels.


Designs and engineers electric propulsion systems for vessels and other engineering solutions.


A supplier of innovative solar solutions.

Hagland Shipping

A shipowning/operating company with a fleet of self-discharging dry-cargo vessels.

Norwegian Electric Systems

A company focusing on hybrid and electric systems.


A global company that produces and sell aluminium all over the world.

Fagskolen i Hordaland

The largest public technical school in Norway.


Designer, contractor and manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Marine Design and Consulting

Provides ship design and marine engineering support and services to clients worldwide.

Universitetet i Bergen

An internationally recognised research university.

CFD Marine

A company specialising on CFD-analysing and simulation for the marine sector.


Cleaning technology for ships with processing facilities for aquaculture.

Huisman Norge

A company that designs and manufactures heavy construction equipment.

Bergen kommune

The municipality of Bergen.


A company aiming to develop profitable projects in the renewable energy sector.

Rogaland fylkeskommune

The County Council for Rogaland region.

Haugaland Kraft

A renewable energy company distributing power and electricity.

Selfa Arctic

Manufacturer of fishing vessels and supplier of repairs and maintenance for various vessel types.


Massterly develop environmentally friendly and autonomous logistics and services.

Yxney Maritime

Supplier of data driven energy efficiency solutions.


A project that aims to win the regatta America's cup in 2021.

Brunvoll Mar-El

Supplier of propulsion, positioning and manoeuvering systems.

GAC Norway

Shipping agent and provider of logistics services for tankers and offshore vessels.

Brødrene Aa

A world leader in the construction of  fast ferries made of carbon fibre composites.

Valhall NGP

Producer of environmentally friendly chemicals for a wide range of applications.


Leases and operates smaller passenger vessels for Norwegian waters.


A gas company that produces and sells liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Marine Aluminium

Supplier of aluminium to offshore, marine and onshore clients.


An international knowledge-based company with facilities all over the world.

Eidesvik Offshore

A shipping company operating a fleet of vessels in supply, subsea, seismic and cable-laying.

Future Solutions

Consultancy for interaction, improvement and knowledge transfer.


Norway's largest financial services group.