Student collaborations

At NCE Maritime CleanTech we are happy to help with students and educational institutions who wish to learn more about green technology, the cluster and the projects in it. We have a close collaboration with the University of Bergen and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, to help them connect students with our cluster partners.

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Focus areas for our student collaborations are green solutions and development within the maritime sector. Relevant subjects are for example:

  • Developing LNG/battery hybrid systems
  • Developing hydrogen/battery hybrid systems
  • Comparative studies (technology, cost, safety, ship design) for using different hydrogen storage methods on ships (as gas, liquids and metal hybrid)
  • Use of solar, wind or wave technology for energy production on ships and or aqua farms
  • LCA on use of aluminum VS carbon fiber on zero emission vessels
  • Digitalization in the maritime sector, pros and cons. Economy, safety and sustainability factors.
  • Health and safety on board battery/hybrid vessels
  • How the green shift has changed Norwegian maritime businesses, with regards to technology, economy, safety and or design
  • The role of public maritime establishments (The Norwegian Maritime Directorate, The Costal Administration) in the green shift and or in digitalization
  • The cluster’s role in the green shift (technical, financial and or societal perspective)
  • Operative and safety related challenges for different technological solutions, e.g. Short Sea Pioneer or the Urban Water Shuttle project)
  • Issues related to the maritime framework and regulations
  • DC-systems on ships for better energy optimization and lowered emissions