Our Work

NCE Maritime CleanTech (NCE MCT) represents one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs.

Our cluster organisation uses the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for the development of new energy-efficient and environmental friendly technologies.

We focus on establishing sustainable innovation projects with commercial potential, and work together for new clean maritime solutions.

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Main office:
Meatjønnsvegen 74
N-5412 Stord

The administration

Our vision:

World-Leading Cluster for Clean Maritime Solutions

Our main goal:

NCE Maritime CleanTech shall strengthen the cluster partners’ competitiveness by developing and launching innovative solutions for energy-efficient and clean maritime activities:

  • Increased innovation
  • Strengthen the knowledge base
  • Increased cluster attractiveness for investors and new recruitments
  • Strengthen the cluster´s resource base
  • Stimulation of market pull effects

Our values:

Cluster participants share the following core values:

  • Collaboration shall create mutual benefits for the participants and is crucial for developing new technology
  • Success through cooperation
  • Confidence for competition in a orderly manner

Taking part in our cluster collaboration requires commitment, trust, openness and cooperativeness.



Over 30 000


Over 300 Million

NOK in revenues

The Administration

Hege Økland


Tel: +47 957 53 695

Marie Engelsen Launes

Director Public Affairs

Tel: + 47 976 53 966

Håvard Tvedte

Director Project Management

Tel: + 47 926 30 119
E-mail: haavard@maritimecleantech.no

Marte Jensen

EU Advisor

Tel: + 47 984 23 371

Geir Odland

Director Business Development

Tel: + 47 918 73 214
E-mail: geir@maritimecleantech.no

Tore Boge

Project Manager/Project Coordinator ShipFC

Tel: + 47 909 37 626
E-mail: tore@maritimecleantech.no

Silje Sivertsen

Project Coordinator

Tel: +47 932 80 549
E-mail: silje@maritimecleantech.no

Marius Knutsen

Communication Consultant

Tel: + 47 480 03 934
E-mail: marius@maritimecleantech.no

The Board

Bjørn Sundland (Gasnor) – Chairman of the board
Liv Reidun Grimstvedt (Høgskulen på Vestlandet) – Deputy chairman
Erik Hjortland (Odfjell)
Kristin Flornes (NORCE)
Hans Petter Nesse (Wärtsilä)
Terje Johansen (Kværner)
Tor Inge Dale (Solstad Offshore)
Helge Gjøsæter (Leirvik)
Vermund Hjelland (Eidesvik)

Deputy board member:
Asbjørn Tverdal (Haugaland Kraft)
Pål Tveitevåg (BKK)

The Board is elected by the Annual Meeting.