Out of the blue comes green

Maritime CleanTech represents one of the world’s most complete maritime commercial hubs.

We use the Norwegian maritime expertise, built up over generations, as a springboard for developing energy-efficient and sustainable technologies in collaboration with our partners.

Together we establish green and groundbreaking projects with global commercial potential.


Håvard Tvedte

Head of Public Affairs

Tel: +47 926 30 119
E-mail: haavard@maritimecleantech.no


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Øystein Huglen

Head of Innovation and Project Development

Tel: +47 952 50 782
E-mail: oystein@maritimecleantech.no


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Karina Hope Sortland

Manager Business Administration

Tel: +47 975 88 764
E-mail: karina@maritimecleantech.no


Tore Boge

Senior Project Manager/Project Coordinator ShipFC

Tel: +47 909 37 626
E-mail: tore@maritimecleantech.no


Jan Arthur Norbeck

EU Advisor

Tel: +47 951 10 424
E-mail: jan@maritimecleantech.no


Marte Jensen

Project and Funding Manager

Tel: +47 984 233 71
E-mail: marte@maritimecleantech.no


Emilie Dorgeville

Project Manager

Tel: +47 926 60 113
E-mail: emilie@maritimecleantech.no


Silje Sivertsen

Senior Project Developer

Tel: +47 932 80 549
E-mail: silje@maritimecleantech.no


Kari Stautland

Communication Advisor

Tel: +47 452 73 322
E-mail: kari@maritimecleantech.no


Marius Knutsen

Communication Advisor

Tel: +47 480 03 934
E-mail: marius@maritimecleantech.no


Runar Bjørkvik Mæland

Communication Advisor

Tel: +47 975 64 932
E-mail: runar@maritimecleantech.no


Trygve Førland Nedrebø

Project Developer

Tel: +47 977 37 340
E-mail: trygve@maritimecleantech.no


Tonje Hovland

Project Manager and Events

Tel: +47 938 39 502
E-mail: tonje@maritimecleantech.no



Portrett av Bjørn Sundland

Bjørn Sundland (chair)

Manager Business Development Low Carbon Solution, Equinor

Portrett av Hans-Petter Nesse

Hans-Petter Nesse

Managing Director, Wärtsilä Norway

Portrait of Vermund Hjelland

Vermund Hjelland

CEO - Managing Director, Servogear

Portrait of Aina Berg

Aina Berg

EVP Energy & Technology, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre

Geir Bjørkeli

CEO, Windsteel Technologies

Portrait of Heidi Wolden

Heidi Wolden

CEO, Norled

Carl Ove Utkilen

Owner and Project Manager, Utkilen

Portrait of Elisabeth Drægebø

Elisabeth Drægebø

Senior Consultant & Business Development Leader, DNV

Portrait of Marie Tveit Vestbøstad

Marie Tveit Vestbøstad

VP Construction Resources, Aker Solutions

Portrait of Amrit Bhullar

Amrit Bhullar

SVP Business Development & Group Innovation, VARD

Charlotte Gannefors Krafft (suppleant)

Manager, Energiomstilling VEST

Gunvald A. Mortvedt (suppleant)