We and our partners are engaged in a wide range of innovation projects and initiatives to validate and scale clean maritime solutions. Discover some of them below, or contact us for more information.

2018–2023 | EUR 11,7M FUNDING | 14 PARTNERS

The TrAM project has developed the world´s first fully electric zero-emission fast-going passenger vessel utilizing advanced modular production.

2020–2025 | EUR 10M FUNDING | 14 PARTNERS

The Ship FC project will install the world’s first high-power ammonia fuel cell onboard PSV Viking Energy.

20192023 | EUR 5M FUNDING | 12 PARTERS

The FLAGSHIPS project will take zero-emission waterborne transport to a new level by deploying two commercially operated hydrogen fuel cell vessels in 2023.

2023–2027 | EUR 9M FUNDING | 11 PARTNERS

In the Orcelle Horizon project, partners will develop and demonstrate a solution for wind as the main propulsion.

2023–2027 | EUR 17M FUNDING | 17 PARTNERS

The Ship-aH2oy project will demonstrate zero-emission power and heat generation for ships using LOHC and high-temperature fuel cells.

2023–2025 | NOK 38M FUNDING | 18 PARTNERS

The Ocean Charger Project will develop future offshore charging solutions for zero-emission operations.

2024–2026 | NOK 44M FUNDING | 7 PARTNERS

Green AI for Sustainable Shipping (GASS) will develop AI-enhanced technology for optimising vessel and voyage performance.

2020–2023 | EUR 5,9M FUNDING | 8 PARTNERS

The H2NOR project has developed and demonstrated a maritime hydrogen fuel cell system with performance ranging from 320 kW to 10 MW.

2022–2030 | 120 MNOK | 50+ PARTNERS

HyValue is a Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (FME) aiming for safer, greener and more efficient hydrogen production that both industry and society can trust.

2022–2030 | 200 MNOK | 50+ PARTNERS

HYDROGENi is a Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research (FME) spearheading the R&I needed to fulfil the 2030 and 2050 visions of the Norwegian hydrogen roadmap.


Sustainable Energy Catapult Center, established in 2018 by Maritime CleanTech and partners, makes world-leading test infrastructure available for the maritime industry.


A pilot study on the technological and economic potential for an emission-free passenger vessel (“blå bybåt”) in Bergen, Norway. With Maritime Bergen.


The report analyses how regulations, funding schemes, and increased CO2 tax affect the uptake of green ammonia towards 2030. With Yara Clean Ammonia and DNV.