Taking part in our business cluster means that you can collaborate for more innovation. Enterprises and organisations that support our cluster´s objectives and deliver products and services to environmental technology projects in the maritime sector can become participants. Read our statutes (in Norwegian).

See our membership criteria here (in Norwegian).

New participants are approved by our board. New participants must also sign and approve our cooperation agreement, which regulates the participation in business and development projects instigated through our network. Contact us for more information.

Yearly participation fee:

Company participants: 

  • Companies with 1-10 employees: 12,500 NOK + mva
  • Companies with 11-100 employees: 40,000 NOK + mva
  • Companies with more than 100 employees: 55,000 NOK + mva

R&D/Universities/Colleges participants:

  • Organisations with 1-10 employees: 15,000 NOK + mva
  • Organisations with 11-100 employees: 50,000 NOK + mva
  • Organisations with more than 100 employees: 50,000 NOK + own effort equivalent of 50,000 NOK

Do you want to apply for participation our cluster? Fill ut the form below.