Visit at the Kværner yard with Danish Materials Network.

The cluster Danish Materials Network and some of its participating companies recently visited several of NCE Maritime CleanTech partners. They were in Norway to learn and to share knowledge on the use of light-weight materials and associated production methods.

The visit from Danish Materials Network took place in the Haugesund and Stord area, which are maritime industry strongholds south of Bergen.  

– Light-weight materials are crucial for the green transition. Lower weight not only reduces fuel consumption but is in many cases the enabler of zero emission technology. We hope that learning to know each other’s capabilities better will strengthen the competitiveness in the maritime industry across borders in the Nordic countries, CEO of NCE Maritime CleanTech, Hege Økland, states.

Visit at Westcon Power and Automation with Danish Materials Network.

On the first day in Norway the group visited Westcon Power and Automation, experts on energy and control systems, and Marine Aluminium, that are specializing on helidecks and walkways and other aluminium constructions. The next day the group went to the Kværner yard that has built offshore installations for decades and Leirvik, a supplier of offshore aluminium modules. NCE Maritime CleanTech visited Denmark on an equivalent trip in February 2019.

– We appreciate having the chance to share our insight on where we stand within materials technology for maritime applications in Norway. I am sure that we will find areas where we can co-operate to create better and greener solutions, says Hege Økland.

Visit at Marine Aluminium with Danish Materials Network.

In 2018 NCE Maritime CleanTech and Danish Materials Network established a formal collaboration. The project is funded through the Innovation Express-programme, managed by Innovation Norway. The aim is to strengthen international relations for small and medium-sized enterprises.