How can we best accelerate the development of greener maritime activities during the 2020s? Join our annual conference on 10 December and meet internationally leading representatives from the industry, finance, and politics.

At our annual conference you will meet amongst other Trafigura, Ørsted, EU politicians and maritime investors. This year we will broadcast the conference live to all our cluster partners from beautiful Solstrand Hotel. Register today to secure your digital participation.

Chasing solutions for decarbonisation

As always, key players from the maritime industry will present, debate, provoke and inform our cluster participants on current and important issues. This year’s theme is “Chasing Zero!”, reflecting the extensive innovation work needed to find the future solutions for cleaner maritime activities.

The conference includes sessions on capital and investment, piloting of new technologies, solutions for distributing new fuels, and the political framework.

Finally, the winner of this year’s Cluster Partner of the Year-award will be announced. Don’t forget to nominate your favourite candidate by 1 November!

Leading industry stakeholders confirmed for the conference

The full conference agenda is ready, and we are happy to reveal top international speakers who all have important roles in forming the road to decarbonization for the ocean industries.

Trafigura is one of the world’s biggest commodity traders in shipping. Trafigura is now calling for ‘drastic’ measures to speed up the decarbonisation of shipping. At our annual conference Global Head of Fuel Decarbonisation, Rasmus Bech Nielsen, participates to share his thoughts on what these measures are, including a carbon levy.

Ørsted´s vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. At Solstrand, Head of Operational Logistics, Lars Høy Jørgensen, will share the company’s ambitious plans and his thoughts on the potential for low carbon maritime operations for offshore wind activities.

EU politicians recently voted in favour of including greenhouse gas emissions from the maritime sector in the European Union’s carbon market from 2022. This has created a “shockwave” for many actors in the maritime sector. From the European Parliament, Jutta Paulus who leads the negotiations on this topic, will join the conference to tell us how and why it will be important to move forward on this topic in Europe.

European Innovation Council has recently been established in Brussels to help commercialising green innovative solutions. Board Member, Anita Krohn Traaseth, joins our conference to tell us more about the European Green Deal and its 1 billion investment plan. Traaseth is former CEO of Innovation Norway and has won numerous awards within business leadership.

Digital solutions to secure broad cluster participation

The start of this decade has been challenging for all of us. However, the need for collaboration on green maritime innovation has just grown in importance.

We look forward to gather our ambitious cluster partners digitally 10 December. Register for the conference here, and please share this link with a colleague.

Let’s chase zero together!