We have spent the last decade greening the maritime sector. In our new strategy we are aiming to further enchance and accelerate the deacarbonization of shipping . We will mark this with a visual profile which reflects the clusters ambitions.

2021 has been an important year in Maritime CleanTech’s history. 8th of March we celebrated our 10th anniversary, and this is also this is our first year as a mature cluster. Furthermore, we have launched a new strategy towards 2024, with increased focus on internationalization and commercialisation of the green technologies developed by our partners.

Maritime CleanTech is a part of Innovation Norway’s cluster program. In 2011, we gained status as an Arena Cluster. In 2014, the cluster were promoted to Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE). Now, we are ready to take a more independent role as a mature cluster.

– Since 2011, we have had great success through collaboration with our cluster partners. We are well positioned to stand on our own feet and take an even more important role in enhancing green growth in the maritime industry. This is what our new status as a Mature Cluster implies, says CEO in Maritime CleanTech, Hege Økland.

New suit
To underline the cluster’s new positioning and strategy  – and the start of a new decade – we have renewed our visual profile.

– Clean and modern. Just as the new technology we are developing together with our now over 140 cluster partners, says Økland.

The new colors illustrate the cluster’s role and ambitions. The dark blue color represents the ocean, and the bright green illustrates the color we want to place on the maritime sector, innovation and new technology. Together with the simple typography, we have created our very own icon.

– Some have seen our new logo already. We think it is interesting that they are interpreting it in many different ways. People see a green world, green waves and ship line drawings. One interpretation we are very fond of, is the viewing of the icon as a fingerprint – that Maritime CleanTech puts a green fingerprint on the ocean industries, says Hege Økland.

New strategy
Stepping into the future, the cluster still wants to develop, qualify and pilot new technologies to reduce emissions from the maritime sector. But now, more than ever, the focus on establishing commercially attractive business models for the new green maritime solutions is going to be crucial.

– The new strategy will see an increased commercial and international focus. We want the cluster to be a tool both for the launching of new energy-efficient and clean maritime solutions and for the scaling-up of these solutions in markets around the world, Hege Økland says.

The new logo and profile are launched today, May 25th. We hope you like it as much as we do!

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