CEO in Maritime CleanTech, Ada Jakobsen, CEO in Kolumbus Edith Nøkling og Project Manager in Maritime CleanTech, Silje Sivertsen.

Kolumbus, Torghatten, Hestaco, Remota, Powercell Group, Iberian Green Line, Absolut Hydrogen, and Hyke are ready to explore the power of our green maritime collaboration.

The CEO of Maritime CleanTech, Ada Jakobsen, is glad to welcome many new partners into the world-leading hub for clean maritime solutions.

– We´re constantly growing and strengthening our expertise. Accepting nine new and leading partners to our collaboration proves our community as an essential arena for the green transition of the maritime industry. Getting new insights and solutions aboard is crucial to market-proof more efficient and zero-emission operations as soon as possible.

Kolumbus: Green mobility at sea

Mobility company Kolumbus is already well known in the Maritime CleanTech family after developing the world´s first fast ferry Medstraum as a partner in the EU-funded TrAM project.

– The TrAM project proved how public-private collaboration is critical when addressing greener mobility solutions at sea. We aim to provide the public seaborne transport needed for a zero-emission future. Joining the Maritime CleanTech community will help us navigate the different actions needed to get there, says the CEO of Kolumbus, Edith Nøkling.

Medstraum has been in daily operation since last autumn – providing passengers with noise- and emission-free journeys.

Torghatten: Developing hydrogen ferries

Torghatten is one of Norway’s biggest shipowners with 90 vessels in operation. With their 1250 employees, they are responsible for many ferry and fast-ferry routes all over Norway.

Torghatten is currently developing two hydrogen ferries for operation on Vestfjorden and has also started working on autonomous city ferries together with Zeabuz. The ferry “Estelle” was recently put into operation in Stockholm.

CEO in Maritime CleanTech, Ada Jakobsen og CTO in Torghatten, Jan-Egil Wagnild.

Hestaco: Carbon capture on the agenda

Hestaco is a new tech company developing tank systems for gas and CO2. The aim is to provide solutions allowing ships to reuse their current LNG tanks to capture and store CO2. Joining Maritime CleanTech, Hestaco brings competence and vast experience in shipping and ship technology and marine gas handling to our collaborative community.

Remota: Aiming for an autonomous future

Remota aims to reduce manned maritime operations by offering remote control, primarily of ROVs and USVs. Remota is also involved in developing autonomy for emission-free urban shuttles.

By taking control of operations from shore, higher efficiencies, reduced costs, waste minimization and reduced carbon footprint will be gained.

Power Cell: Fuel Cell technology experts

Powercell Group develops and manufactures fuel cell stacks and systems with high-power density. Their fuel cells are used in various industries, including aviation and marine operations, and can run on compressed and liquified hydrogen, ammonia, or methanol. PowerCell is among the suppliers chosen for realizing Torghatten’s hydrogen ferries on Vestfjorden.

Hyke: Smarter city ferries

Hydrolift Smart-City Ferries (Hyke), is a Norwegian zero-emission waterborne mobility start-up. Hyke aims to help cities solve pollution and congestion problems by deploying networks of zero-emission electric, autonomous ferries for mobility and last-mile logistics.

Hyke is a member of the Eker Group, a leading industrial design and product development company with over 35 years of experience, including Hydrolift, the recognized leader in professional and pleasure boats.

Hyke is already a partner in the project with Haugesund Municipality, developing an autonomous zero-emission city ferry.

Iberian Green Line: Zero-emission reefer ships

Shipowner Iberian Green Line will start their operations this summer, utilizing rented vessels to ship goods between Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Norway.

Iberian Green Line aims to build new zero-emission reefer ships ready for operation in 2026. Future aquaculture vessels

Ungarian ship designer specializes in vessels for aquaculture. Their knowledge of sustainable operations in and around fish farms will prove valuable, especially as the industry moves further and further offshore.

Absolut Hydrogen: Producing hydrogen for the maritime industry

Absolut Hydrogen is a French company specializing in small and mid-scale hydrogen liquefaction plants and liquid hydrogen refueling systems.  They aim to deliver liquified hydrogen to the Norwegian market through their solutions.

Innovation Workshop: Network with all partners

Join the entire Maritime CleanTech family when they gather at the Annual Innovation Workshop 30 August-1 September. Early Bird prices available until 30 June.