When great minds unite, groundbreaking ideas come to life! With the 2030 targets rapidly approaching, we invite all partners to meet and brainstorm new solutions for greener maritime operations.

Maritime CleanTech’s Annual Workshop is a vital innovation arena for all our partners. From August 31st to September 1st, our partners will convene to delve deep into future-proof, eco-conscious solutions.

A Fusion of Inspiration and Business Networking:

This year’s workshop will take place at Sola Strand Hotel, just a few minutes from Stavanger airport, where we’ll hear from cutting-edge tech developers and join workshops taking on the significant challenges the industry is facing.

Ada Jakobsen

Ada Jakobsen, Maritime CleanTech CEO, emphasizes the pivotal role played by our partners in transitioning towards new fuels, technologies, sustainable production methods, and smarter operations. Over the years, our Annual Innovation Workshop has proven to be an unparalleled platform for networking and hatching groundbreaking ideas.

Startpoint for groundbreaking collaboration projects:

The Annual Innovation Workshop has led to breakthrough initiatives gaining broad international attention and financial support from national and EU funding schemes, such as the ShipFC project, demonstrating the world’s first high-power ammonia fuel cell on an offshore vessel.

– At the end of August, Sola Strand is the place to be for our partners seeking new opportunities and partnerships, Jakobsen adds.

 Problem-solving for the future:

This year’s workshop will involve topics such as future fuels, emissions-free offshore wind operations, autonomy, and retrofit solutions. Our two day event promises an enlightening experience, ready to shape the maritime industry’s trajectory toward a sustainable tomorrow.

See the final agenda HERE!

Do you have questions or input on this year’s workshop topics? Please contact our event coordinator Kari Stautland:  kari@maritimecleantech.no

NB! Note that the Innovation Workshop is exclusive to partners of Maritime CleanTech.