The world´s first fully electric fast ferry was honored during Marine Propulsion Decarbonisation Awards in Amsterdam.

– We´re extremely proud of Medstraum and extremely proud to win yet another prestigious award. We kickstarted the future with Medstraum. We set the standard and pace for greener maritime transportation at high speed. This is being recognized worldwide, says Edith Nøkling, CEO of Medstraum operator Kolumbus.

Medstraum has operated for shipowner and mobility company Kolumbus, on the west coast of Norway, since September last year.

Kolumbus is one of 14 partners behind the EU-funded TrAM project, which led to the realization of the zero-emission high-speed craft.

Future proof

– We´re dependent on fast ferries in Norway. We had only a few fast ferries in operation before Medstraum, still transportation at sea accounted for 56 percent of our region’s public transport emissions. With Medstraum in daily zero-emission operation, we´re getting much closer to reaching our goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030, says the CEO of Kolumbus, Edith Nøkling.

The TrAM project vessel is tailored to optimize energy efficiency. The optimized use of aluminum has made it much lighter compared to traditional fast ferries. New hull forms and a brand-new propulsion system have made Medstraum reach speeds up to 27 knots – with power from batteries only.

Speeding up the green transition

– The modular design approach is key to the future success of the TrAM project. While ships are traditionally built ‘one by one’, the TrAM team drew inspiration from the car industry when developing Medstraum, making scaling and building of new vessels more effective, says Edmund Tolo, R&D / Sales Manager at Fjellstrand.

The Norwegian yard, Fjellstrand, developed the hull and completed the assembly of all the vessel´s modules.

Modularization will reduce manufacturing and engineering costs, making building the following vessels faster and cheaper. This allows shipowners to choose from different pre-designed hull and wheelhouse modules.