Maritime CleanTech Director Ada Jakobsen is part of HRH Crown Prince Haakon’s Royal visit to the US.


Maritime CleanTech is a world-leading hub for clean maritime solutions. We´re collaborating worldwide to enable market adoption and accelerate maritime decarbonization. 

– Shaping policies and scaling up the market for green maritime solutions at home and abroad is a cornerstone of Maritime CleanTech´s new strategy. Progress is made when our pioneering partners join forces to deliver on maritime decarbonization. We must collaborate and be present worldwide, says Ada Jakobsen, CEO of Maritime CleanTech.


Royal visit to the US

Jakobsen is part of HRH Crown Prince Haakon’s Royal visit to the US this week.

The delegation is traveling to San Francisco and Seattle to explore how technology development and innovation can propel collaboration between Norway and the USA – and secure a sustainable future.

– We feel privileged to show how we´ve proven that a zero-emission future is not only possible – it´s a viable and preferred alternative. The journey has proven the technology, garnered operational experience, and solidified the commitment to act on ambitions. But we´re not done innovating. This is just the beginning. Together, we´ll navigate towards a cleaner, greener future. Through unity and innovation, we can transform challenges into opportunities for a sustainable world, says Jakobsen.

In addition to several leading Norwegian companies, the Crown Prince is accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, and the Minister of Digitalization and Public Governance, Karianne Tung. 

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industries, Jan Christian Vestre, is also part of the Royal visit to the US. Here he is signing a green deal with California Governor. Gavin Newsom. Photo: Innovation Norway

Singapore Maritime Week

Maritime CleanTech is also joining Singapore Maritime Week this week. 

Head of Innovation and Project Development, Øystein Huglen, is participating in the high-level discussions on the potential for zero-emission shipping in international waters. Norway is chairing the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission this year, aiming to move forward in developing emission ships on intercontinental routes by 2030. The focus is on the entire value chain: ships, fuels and fuelling infrastructure.

– Singapore Maritime Week is a flagship event that brings global maritime leaders together. This year’s theme couldn´t be more on point: Action Meets Ambition. In Maritime CleanTech, we gather key players from across the maritime value chain to develop new and clean solutions for decarbonizing shipping. The time to act is now, says Huglen.

Through international collaboration, partners in Maritime CleanTech realize breakthrough technologies for establishing new green value chains for energy production and distribution, implementing greener fuels onboard vessels in all segments, and demonstrating cleaner technologies for shipping.

Head of Innovation and Project Development in Maritime CleanTech, Øystein Huglen, is in Singapore attending Singapore Maritime Week. Here during a dinner at the Norwegian Embassy. Photo: Private

French-Norwegian agreement on more collaboration

Norwegian companies deliver world-class clean solutions for a broad range of vessel types. 

In strong collaboration with Innovation Norway, Maritime CleanTech brings Norwegian companies to Southern Europe to strengthen the potential for more business on green maritime solutions.

– In Norway, we´ve already experienced the electric car ferry revolution. It started with MF “Ampere” in 2015. Now, over 85 electric and zero-emission car ferries operate in Norway. Over the last years, we´ve also put into operation the world´s first fully electric fast ferry and the world´s first hydrogen vessel. Norway is world-leading in proving the green maritime passenger transport at sea. Based on our experiences, we´re ready to scale them further and to make an even bigger impact on global shipping emissions, says Håvard Tvedte, Head of Public Affairs in Maritime CleanTech.

13 Norwegian companies recently joined the delegation to France. The fully charged agenda in Provence included visits to leading shipowner CMA CGM, the shipowners’ association CMAF, large ports of Marseilles and Toulon, yards, and county officials.

– We also signed an important green deal to enhance French-Norwegian collaboration together with Polê Mer Méditerranée. A strong maritime hub in France with over 450 member companies. Together we will seek opportunities to decarbonize shipping, says Tvedte.


Together with Innovation Norway, Maritime CleanTech brought 13 companies to get to know the french market.

One Ocean Week in Bergen 

In addition, Maritime CleanTech is hosting several events during One Ocean Week in Bergen this week. 

One of the highlights was the event aboard Havila Kystruten’s impressing Polaris vessel. Gathering key stakeholders, Maritime CleanTech and partners got to showcase the potential for zero-emission voyages on large passenger ships. 

– We want to sail the entire coastal route emission-free by 2030. Now we need our politicians to set demands and regulations to make zero-emission voyages happen, Bent Martini, CEO in Havila Kystruten stated.

The Norwegian minister of Ocean Policy, Cecilie Myrseth, and Mayor of Vestland County, Jon Askeland, were among the participants at the event, agreeing on holding onto a Green Maritime focus in the years to come.

The second edition of the One Ocean Week is gathering all industries tied to the ocean together to secure a sustainable future at sea. Maritime CleanTech was also part of the One Ocean Conference in Grieghallen, hosting a seminar on AI and green shipping, lecturing students at the Norwegian Business School (NHH), and meeting with the North Sea Commission.

The Norwegian Minister of Ocean and Fisheries, Cecilie Myrseth and County mayor of Vestland, Jon Askeland, attended Maritime CleanTech´s debate a board Havila kystruten´s Polaris Vessel. Here together with Maritime CleanTech´s Head of Public Affairs, Håvard Tvedte.


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Maritime CleanTech Innovation Workshop 2024 from Maritime CleanTech on Vimeo.