– By gathering forces, we can speed up the development within shore power solutions and take the lead in a large international market, says Thor André Berg, head of the new Shore Power Expert Group in NCE Maritime CleanTech.

NCE Maritime CleanTech has established a new expert group gathering cluster partners from the entire value chain. Its purpose:  To make headway in the creation of complete shore power solutions. With participants ranging from tech-suppliers to ship owners and ports, the main goal is to incorporate more shore power facilities in ports. The expert group is led by Thor André Berg, senior advisor in BKK Elektrifisering.

– We already have many success stories within shore power in Norway. The electrification of the ferry fleet shows how well the transfer from diesel to electricity can work if the conditions are right, Berg says.

Shore power expert

Thor André Berg is is one of the founders behind the BKK subsidiary, shore power provider Plug.

– In Plug we aim to make shore power easy for the users, that is ship owners docking their ships in ports. Many agreements have to be signed between the energy companies, tech-suppliers, ports and others to make a shore power facility work. This shouldn´t concern the users. If a service is easy to use, more people wants to use it. And the more ships that connects to shore power, the more emissions we cut, Berg says.

Huge market

Together with NCE Maritime CleanTech and companies in the cluster Berg wants to speed up the implementation of shore power.

– Norway has a large maritime industry and experience from both the electrification of cars and ferries. We also have companies on the technological frontline when it comes to shore power. By gathering forces, we can speed up the development within shore power and take a leading position in a big international market. Together, the cluster partners in NCE Maritime CleanTech have the knowledge needed, Berg says.

Environmental benefits

There are big advantages by implementing shore power, such as reductions in emission and noise in ports.

– Going forward, we aim to host regular meetings within the Shore Power Expert Group. We will gather and exchange knowledge. Cluster partners with interest as well as relevant competence and technology are invited to take an active role in the group. Please contact us if you want to join, says Geir Odland, Director of Business Development in NCE Maritime CleanTech.