In December NCE Maritime CleanTech was happy to accept Breeze Ship Design as a new cluster member. Combining long experience with a broad portfolio of ship designs, the newly started naval architecture company is ready to collaborate with other cluster members on decarbonizing the world’s maritime industry.

Breeze Ship Design is an independent ship design company focused on accelerating sustainable solutions in naval architecture. The founders of the company, Ove H. Wilhelmsen and Tommy Hivand, both have long experience from Wärtsilä Corporation, Harding, and Palfinger. Even though the company operates independently, it also cooperates closely with Wärtsilä, which gives them access to all ship designs developed by former Wärtsilä Ship Design.

— We are happy to cooperate closely with Wärtsila and by having access to the world’s most extensive design portfolio – approximately 10 000 ship designs – we can develop a new ship design in just a couple of weeks, CEO Ove H. Wilhelmsen says.

Breeze Ship Design will mainly work within the offshore, offshore wind, fish, and aqua segments. Decarbonization of maritime operations is the company’s main focus, and Wilhelmsen is looking forward to actively taking part in the cluster activities and innovation projects.

— It’s our responsibility to take part in the world’s needed change towards renewable energy solutions in marine operations and to identify untapped potential. We believe that being part of a cluster organization like NCE Maritime CleanTech, engaging in their network and events, will make us able to start new initiatives and innovation projects, Wilhelmsen says.


Facts About Breeze Ship Design:
Breeze Ship Design AS is a newly established ship design company. The company focuses on the design of ships related to the offshore industry, offshore wind, fishing, and aquaculture, with a strong focus on decarbonization of marine operations. The goal is to design innovative vessels with green solutions, for national and international markets.

Breeze Ship Design can provide a wide range of services from feasibility studies, conceptual designs, initial designs, basic designs and detailed designs. In addition they can serve ships in operation with upgrades, modifications, conversions – depending on customer’s need. The company is based on the former Wärtsilä Ship Design and is staffed with solid innovation expertise. They have also been allowed to continue the design portfolio of Wärtsilä Ship Design.

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