Cluster partner Corvus Energy is an important developer of maritime batteries. Their new factory in Bergen use robots to be as efficient and presise as possible.

Maritime CleanTech is initiating a circular economy study on batteries in maritime operations. The goal is to establish a solid knowledge base for a green value chain for the entire battery life cycle. 

While batteries running on renewable electricity have no climate emissions, the question of what happens before and after use is often raised. Which resources we use, which materials we choose and how we recycle them influence the environmental footprint of the batteries, across the whole value chain. How do we ensure a sustainable lifecycle for maritime operations?  

Finding feasibility  

Maritime Cleantech is currently initiating a preliminary circular economy study on batteries in maritime operations. The goal is to establish a solid knowledge base for our maritime cluster’s development and establishment of green value chains for the entire battery life cycle – production, use and afterlife are all central aspects. COWI, the leading consulting group and cluster partner, is spearheading the data analysis and wishes to contact other cluster partners for their knowledge to raise the quality of the study. Together we are aiming to show how the Norwegian value chain for marine batteries operates, and to uncover potential parts of the circular value chain that can be established.  

Shaping sustainable solutions 

Through the preliminary study, we aim to give cluster partners and Norwegian pioneers in the green maritime operations a valuable insight in the circular economy and how we can utilize this to create value and a greener lifecycle. Our analysis will review different models for securing the greenest possible outcome for the marine batteries. Providing green, sustainable solutions is becoming a Norwegian trademark, and setting the focus on sustainability throughout the entire value chain can help to solidify this Norwegian advantage.  

Do your company want to contribute in this work, or interested in getting invitations to future workshops related to the topic? Contact the cluster administration at The project is supported by Innovation Norway.