Vestland county council funds Maritime CleanTech with close to 1 million NOK to develop a guide for greener maritime operations for vessels in aquaculture. 

– This is great news for the whole maritime sector. We have over 950 aquaculture facilities in Norway, and Vestland county has the most fish farms of all counties in the country. By developing a digital roadmap to help the industry when choosing future technologies and solutions, we can truly make aquacultural operations greener, says Head of Innovation and Project Development Øystein Huglen, at Maritime CleanTech. 

Huglen will lead the work with the new digital road map. 

Vestland county council processed the application Friday 10th of December and granted Maritime CleanTech 977.500 NOK to complete the zero-emission aquaculture roadmap. In total, Vestland county council granted close to 15 mill NOK in funding to 21 different projects. 


Gathering the industry
Maritime CleanTech will gather the whole value chain to develop the new digital roadmap.  

– Our aim when working on this roadmap is to start several groundbreaking pilot projects together with our cluster partners. If we succeed in developing new zero-emission solutions for aquaculture, these new technologies can be implemented in other segments in the maritime sector later on, says CEO Hege Økland, at Maritime CleanTech.