In cooperation with Sparebanken Vest, a jury has named Østensjø Rederi the Cluster Partner of the year 2021, for their focus on innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry.

— We are honored to receive this year’s cluster partner award. As a company, we have never been afraid to invest in or pioneer new technologies to make our vessels greener and safer. This has made us the first to introduce several innovative solutions, and we are happy this effort is being recognized. Being a part of this cluster has given us a widespread and diverse partner network across the whole maritime value chain. This is something we appreciate, and we see how sharing and collaborating can accelerate new technology development, says Sveinung Zahl, part of the Østensjø Rederi Management Group.

Østensjø was awarded the price by Margunn Aas Minne, Regional Director at Sparebanken Vest. The award ceremony took place at Maritime CleanTech’s annual conference at Solstrand Hotel. This is the third time the prize has been awarded. The prize goes to a cluster company that stands out in the field of greener maritime technology, and who actively participates in the cluster community. Previous winners are Corvus Energy and Wilhelmsen.

The winner receives a certificate and a prize award of NOK 100,000 (approx. EUR 10,000). The prize aims to stimulate green innovation through collaboration as well as to highlight the cluster partners who are good ambassadors for the cluster cooperation.

— Cooperation is the key to speed up the technology development and implementation of green solutions. This will ensure and enhance the competitiveness for the Norwegian industry. The international climate targets are ambitious, and we see that the demand for sustainable solutions is increasing rapidly, says CEO in Maritime CleanTech, Hege Økland.

Having been an active cluster partner since 2015, Østensjø has become a familiar name in the cluster community. Many of us have met their representatives in Rosendal for the innovation workshop CleanTech Labs, or via the expert group for green cruises – where Ronald Strøm has been a dedicated leader. They also represented the cluster in Miami, at the international cruise fair. Egil Arne Skare, Chief Project Officer, has also shown a remarkable cluster spirit. He has been more than willing to share information on their ongoing projects with other partners. Furthermore, he has used the community as a resource in Østensjø’s own innovation processes. Østensjø has also signed up to be a partner in a new EU project waiting for approval.

– Østenjø is a good ambassador for the cluster and has highlighted the cluster collaboration on several occasions. We believe the company is a good example of how a business gain great value through cluster collaboration by being an active contributor, says Head of the jury and Executive Vice President in Sparebanken Vest, Ragnhild Jansbu Fresvik.

About the prize:

The prize goes to a cluster company that stands out in the field of green technology and who actively participates in cluster cooperation.

The winner receives a certificate and a prize award of NOK 100,000 (approx. EUR 10,000). Financed by Sparebanken Vest.


Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik (Sparebanken Vest), Geir Bjørkeli (Corvus Energy), Charlotte Gannefors Kraft (University of Bergen), Arne-Christian Mohn (Haugesund Municipality) and Hege Økland (NCE Maritime CleanTech).