The world-leading shipping giant is going for carbon-neutral operations and seeks new collaborations to succeed.  

 Ships transport well over 80% of what is traded in the world. But shipping needs to reduce its environmental footprints.  

Grieg Maritime aims to restore our oceans by focusing on sustainability services and innovations, through world-leading ship owning and ship management operations, and through worldwide partnerships. 

– Making our operations carbon neutral is one of the most critical tasks the business community has ever had. To us, it is obvious we can’t do this on our own. We are already working with a lot of partners in Maritime CleanTech, but in this, you can never have enough friends. Maritime CleanTech represents a considerable variety of competencies. In addition, the participants show an impressive focus on innovation, making them extremely interesting to work with, says CEO of Grieg Maritime Group, Matt Duke. 


On the path towards decarbonisation 

Grieg Maritime Group develops world-leading ship owning and ship management operations through Grieg Shipowning and Grieg Star and innovative sustainability services through Grieg Edge and Grieg Green.  

– Grieg joining Maritime CleanTech is important for addressing the deep-sea challenges with the main players in the industry.  We need to build new competence on how the climate changes affect our business and our operations. When leading shipowners like Grieg Maritime, wants to take on this challenge through an active dialogue with our cluster partners we are well-positioned, says CEO of Maritime CleanTech, Hege Økland. 

– We have a long tradition of collaborating with others to improve our operations. Sharing knowledge and resources is a vital part of such collaboration. That means our cluster partners will always be welcome to ask for our feedback and insights – and it means we will actively share information from studies like the ongoing ammonia pilot through Green Shipping Program, Matt Duke says.