Shipowners Stenersen, energy company NTE Hydrogen, and e-navigation innovators NAVTOR are among the latest additions to the growing Maritime CleanTech family.

Hexagon Purus Maritime, Zenit Engineering, Ulmatec Pyro, and Nøste Energi have also joined in, adding to the partnership´s expertise in sustainable maritime technologies.

Ada Jakobsen, Director of Maritime CleanTech, is thrilled about the new additions, which come at a pivotal point in the industry’s transition toward zero emissions.

– These new partners are all innovators in their segments and will play key roles in achieving the ambitious climate targets set by the EU and IMO. Their diverse capabilities and pioneering technologies not only complement our existing strengths but also enhance our collective ability to lead the maritime industry towards a sustainable future, Jakobsen stated.

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Spotlight on New Members

Rederiet Stenersen AS are a veteran in the tanker shipping industry based in Bergen, Norway. With a fleet of 20 advanced chemical/product tankers, they are pioneers in deploying battery-hybrid technology and innovative hull designs to optimize energy use and reduce emissions.

Their proactive approach to enhancing regulatory frameworks and their commitment to transitioning to low- and zero-carbon ships make Stenersen a natural fit for Maritime CleanTech.

NTE Hydrogen AS brings critical expertise in hydrogen production tailored to maritime needs. Their pilot project on Kråkøya represents a groundbreaking step towards integrating hydrogen as a viable fuel for shipping, aligning with the cluster’s goals of reducing environmental impact through innovative energy solutions.

Zenit Engineering AS enhances the cluster with its specialized knowledge in emission reduction and energy efficiency technologies. Their focus on sustainable practices and innovative solutions supports the cluster’s mission to tackle the critical challenges facing today’s maritime industry.

NAVTOR met with Maritime CleanTech recently to discuss collaboration opportunities. Left to right: Runar B. Mæland (Maritime CleanTech), Anders Holme (NAVTOR), Jannikke Berger (NAVTOR), Øystein Huglen (Maritime CleanTech), Bjørn Åge Hjøllo (NAVTOR).

NAVTOR AS is a market leader in electronic navigation services, which are instrumental in optimizing vessel operations for energy efficiency. The partnership follows on the heels of the recently launched Green Platform project GASS, or Green AI for Sustainable Shipping, which is led by NAVTOR with Maritime CleanTech as a partner. This initiative aims to deploy advanced digital technology to reduce fuel consumption, demonstrating NAVTOR’s commitment to leading sustainable innovation in the maritime sector.

Hexagon Purus Maritime AS is at the forefront of developing innovative hydrogen storage solutions with lightweight composite cylinders that are ideal for maritime applications. By providing comprehensive systems solutions for distribution and onboard hydrogen fuel systems, Hexagon Purus strengthens Maritime CleanTech’s commitment to pioneering sustainable energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in maritime operations.

Ulmatec Pyro AS is known for their effective heat recovery systems, which play a vital role in improving energy efficiency aboard ships. Their technologies are set to enhance the energy use optimization efforts within the cluster, supporting the overall goal of reducing environmental impact.

Nøste Energi AS rounds out the new partners with their focus on enhancing the quality and energy efficiency of maritime electrical systems. Their expertise is crucial for the cluster’s efforts towards more sophisticated electrical infrastructures and sustainable maritime operations.

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