ZESM’s new project on zero-emission vessel operation is starting up this year. Photo: Shutterstock


The international Zero-Emission Shipping Mission (ZESM) will attend our Innovation Workshop from 30 to 31 May. During this workshop, they will seek industry feedback on the development of emission-free vessel operations, crew safety, and bunkering.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative to catalyze action and investment in research, development, and demonstration to make clean energy affordable, attractive, and accessible to all in this decade. Norway is chairing the Zero Emission Shipping Mission in 2024, and ZESM makes our annual Innovation Workshop a key arena for seeking emission-free solutions. The Mission aims to demonstrate commercially viable zero-emission ships on intercontinental routes by 2030 by focusing on the entire value chain: ships, fuels, and infrastructure. When Maritime CleanTech gathers forward-thinking partners for the annual Innovation Workshop at Sola, Stavanger from May 30-31, ZESM projects will play a key role in the discussions.

“International public-private collaboration is key in accelerating the green transition of international shipping. Research and innovation within the Norwegian maritime industry have supplied innovative and industrial solutions to the global market throughout history, and we are looking forward to hearing from the industry itself,” says Ellen-Kristin Raasok, member of the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission Secretariat under Mission Innovation.


Golden Opportunity

Their new project on zero-emission vessel operation is starting up this year and is due to finish in 2027. Here, they aim to share lessons learned and technical information regarding vessel operation with Zero-Emission fuels through dedicated workshops and write-ups. Topics could include, but are not limited to, bunkering, vessel speed, weather impact on route planning, fuel capacity, and vessel efficiency measures.

The second project to be addressed at the Innovation Workshop is titled “Safety of Crew on Low or Zero Emission fueled ships” This project addresses the needed new competencies for seafarers working on vessels using Ammonia, Methanol, or Hydrogen for propulsion.

“This is a golden opportunity for Maritime CleanTech Partners to shape important international projects. The Zero-Emission Shipping Mission is an essential tool for moving forward on finding the right solutions for international waters. I look forward to seeing the power emerging from the brainstorm sessions at our annual workshop”, Maritime Clean Tech’s Head of Innovation and Project Development, Øystein Huglen, states.


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