Shipping is on the verge of a hydrogen revolution, and the maritime industry is eager to explore opportunities for zero emission transport at sea. To realize the maritime potential of hydrogen, NCE Maritime CleanTech will establish a resource group that will work to facilitate a supply chain for liquid green hydrogen and related fuels.

A complete supply chain for green liquid hydrogen will be an enabler for reducing emissions from shipping. NCE Maritime CleanTech wants to boost the development together with forward-leaning cluster partners in a dedicated resource group.

– We see new hydrogen projects emerging within the cruise, ferry and fast ferries sectors. The realisation of these project is dependent on secure supplies of liquid hydrogen. Accordingly one of the most important focus areas for the industry now, is to establish infrastructure for production and distribution of green hydrogen. The new resource group will be a driving force in this process, CEO Hege Økland of NCE Maritime CleanTech says.

Invitation to participate in the resource group

NCE Maritime CleanTech encourage cluster companies to join the resource group that aim to boost the development of a complete supply chain for liquid green hydrogen. The group will also work with other hydrogen-based fuels such as ammonia, methanol and various methane products.

Cluster partners with interest as well as relevant competence and technology are invited to take an active part in the group. The cluster administration will prioritize participants that together constitute a complete supply chain. End users such as shipowners and operators are especially encouraged to to join.

The resource groups main activities will be:

Identifying technological, commercial and political barriers
Establish collaborations with important technological resources
Identify and establish innovation projects
Have dialogue with important stakeholders in the supply chain

Cluster partners are encouraged to report their interest by 25th February, to