Did you miss our new webinar series? Here you can watch all the recordings – and have a closer look at the presentations.

EU advisor Marte Jensen was the host when NCE Maritime CleanTech launched a brand new webinar series.

– Our aim with these webinars is to make sure our cluster partners are well informed about the different calls for funding in Horizon Europe. EU funding is a great way to accelerate the development of new and green technology. It´s also crucial to get new projects up and running. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, Jensen says.

EU calls webinar series:

15.4, 11-11:30: Vessels – Hydrogen & Ammonia

In this webinar you will learn more about funding opportunities for development and implementation of hydrogen based fuels, including ammonia, in both the short sea and deep sea segments with a focus on storage and usage of these fuels in a realistic environment. There are relevant calls for projects involving the use of both combustion engine and fuel cells. Link to Marte Jensens presentation.

16.4, 10-11:00: Climate Neutral Cities and Communities

Within Horizon Europe there are also funding opportunities for the public sector. This webinar will go through the calls suited for Municipalities and County Councils.


19.4, 11-11:30: Vessels – Battery & Hybrid

Funding for maritime projects implementing large optimized battery systems on board vessels to enablezero emission transit. Link to Marte Jensens presentation.

20.4, 11-11:30: Smart Tech – Robotics, Sensory & AI

The webinar covers funding opportunities for smarter, more efficient and green production processes in both land-based and maritime industries. Link to Marte Jensens presentation.

21.4, 11-11:30: Offshore Wind / CCS – Value Chains

The webinar covers funding opportunities for large ground-breaking pilot projects to promote the entire value chain connected to offshore wind energy and facilitation of carbon capture at large scale. Link to Marte Jensens presentation.

23.4, 11-11:30: Smart Tech – Autonomy & Digital Twin

The webinar covers funding opportunities for autonomous vessels and implementation of digital systems that enable greener shipping operations. Link to Marte Jensens presentation.

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